Purple Martins are one of the world's greatest travelers. Every year they make transcontinental journeys to & from their nesting grounds chasing the abundant bug life between North & South America. There's a catch though: the species primarily nests in birdhouses...

As a cavity-nesting species, these birds need dead trees in order to nest, but we cleared away all the dead trees. Martins lucked out as humans created a culture of historically hosting nesting colonies on their farms. Nowadays, as society grows further away from nature we begin to lose wildlife that we once cared so deeply for...

Martins represent the epitome of Man's relationship with nature. They've become dependent on humans to ensure their survival. We all hear about environmental issues around the world, but we forget about what's going on in our own backyard. Conservation can be as simple as putting up a birdhouse & Purple Martins can serve as the flagship species that could save the world.



What we do in our yards affects what we do to the World.

For millennia Purple Martins nested in old cavities made by woodpeckers. In just a few centuries, this species has become nearly dependent on man-made birdhouses to nest due to human influence. Follow along as Captain Zach traverses this species' range to understand this complex issue & other threats facing America's once beloved backyard bird.